Ice Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate USA® is the only skating program endorsed by the national governing bodies of all three skating sports – U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating. With more than 1,000 programs across the United States, we offer the highest quality instruction with a standardized curriculum that is suitable for participants of all ages. Whether you have Olympic aspirations or simply want to learn how to ice skate, Learn to Skate USA® has a program for you.

Ice Skating for Beginners

Ice Skating for Beginners

Learn how to ice skate in a safe, fun, and challenging environment. Our ice skating programs for beginners teach skaters of all ages how to master the basics of ice skating while providing the best foundation for figure skating, hockey, and speed skating.

Ice skating lessons for preschoolers

Ice skating lessons for kids

Ice skating lessons for adults

Adaptive skating lessons for skaters with disabilities

Figure Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate USA®'s figure skating programs offer skaters the opportunity to explore the various disciplines of figure skating in a fun and challenging group environment. Skaters in these levels will learn jumps, spins, choreography and more, so it is essential that skaters master the basic skills curriculum before entering these more specialized classes. Click on the links below to learn more about each program.

Free Skate

Ice Dance


Artistry in Motion

Theatre On Ice

Synchronized Skating

Axel Club

Hockey and Speed Skating Lessons

The Learn to Skate USA® hockey program is designed to teach skaters proper skating technique while being more proficient and agile on the ice. The Learn to Speed Skate curriculum introduces skaters to the basics of speed skating and provides motivation to continue improving skating while developing speed and coordination. Click on the links below to learn more about each curriculum.

Hockey lessons

Speed skating lessons

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