Why Choose Ice Skating?

Learning how to ice skate builds strength, develops confidence and teaches the value of perseverance. 

As you begin your journey of learning how to ice skate, you will quickly realize that you are learning so much more than skating skills. You will be infused with the joy of improving every time you try something new. Each time you fall, you will strengthen your confidence to get back up and try again.

Why Choose Learn to Skate USA®?

Our comprehensive method teaches everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced skating skills.

Skaters can attend classes anywhere, learning the same elements from a standardized curriculum. It’s the successful system where many World and Olympic Team members started.

What sets us apart?

  • Instruction from compliant instructors that follow a standardized curriculum founded in solid and fun skill progression
  • A welcome packet that includes Learn to Skate USA® The Magazine, a digital Parent Handbook and skater record book to keep track of progress in class
  • Access to online educational material for skaters and parents, along with the practice tool mobile app
  • Secondary sports accident insurance
  • Email communications with upcoming events and educational information
  • The opportunity to participate in classes, performances, competitions and all Learn to Skate USA® activities

Resources for Parents

Lessons in skating become lessons in life. Like learning anything new, your child will experience many peaks and valleys when learning how to ice skate. And that’s okay. It’s more about the journey and the process along the way that will shape our children to one day become great people.

They will discover what interests them and be encouraged to cultivate their true passions.

Below are a few helpful resources for parents looking to enroll their children in ice skating lessons.

Choosing a Learn to Skate USA® Program

Responsibilities as a Skating Parent

Get Started Ice Skating

Lifelong Benefits

There’s a greater appreciation for exercise. Imaginations run wild. Confidence rises. Strength grows. And there’s fun. Lots and lots of fun. Skaters gain so much more in life every time their blades dance with the ice. They learn to overcome challenges on the ice to achieve their goals off of it. What will skating do for you?

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