One day, you may achieve a figure eight. One day, you may score your first hat trick. One day, you may race faster than ever to grab the finish line first. But what every skater takes away from lessons on the ice is so much greater.


Lifelong Benefits

There’s a greater appreciation for exercise. Imaginations run wild. Confidence rises. Strength grows. And there’s fun. Lots and lots of fun. Skaters gain so much more in life every time their blades dance with the ice. They learn to overcome challenges on the ice to achieve their goals off of it.

Resources for Growth

Learn to Skate USA programs make skating fun and safe for all as they grow an everlasting love for this sport. Through our updated curriculum and our certified, passionate instructors, we build solid skill progression to grow self-esteem in both kids and adults while providing them the resources to reach their hopes and dreams.


Fully supported by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating, with support from the Special Olympics, Professional Skaters Association and the U.S. Ice Rinks Association, Learn to Skate USA offers every student a heartfelt welcome, lifelong benefits and fond memories. Passion: It's why Learn to Skate USA is recognized as the world's best ice skating program.


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