Landing your very first Axel is an accomplishment that should be celebrated. At Learn to Skate USA, powered by Toyota, we understand the amount of time, dedication and hard work it takes to make the Axel dream a reality and have created the Learn to Skate USA Axel Club to recognize your achievement.

Learn to Skate USA members who land their Axel are rewarded with a special certificate, and an application to become an official member of the Learn to Skate USA Axel Club, complete with an official Axel Club membership certificate, recognition gift and recognition on the Axel Club page of the Learn to Skate USA website.

To join the Axel Club, contact your local Learn to Skate USA program director. 

The following skaters have been inducted into the Axel Club.


Skater Name Program Name Landing Date

Rachel R.

Ice Den Scottsdale


Raelynn C.

Center Ice Arena


Olivia S.

Coon Rapids Ice Center


Alexa L.

Coon Rapids Ice Center


Sophia D.

The Rinx Total Skating Program


Bridget H.

Ice Den Scottsdale


Sophia F.

Ice Den Scottsdale


Sadie L.

Coon Rapids Ice Center


Lauren S.

Winterhurst FSC