Our Mission

To provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating.

Something happens the moment your kid’s skates touch the ice. It's surreal. Empowering. It’s the experience where kids learn much about skating, and themselves.

Your child learns glides, swizzles, edges and crossovers. Your child learns positivity, confidence and personal strength.    

Lessons in Life

Lessons in skating become lessons in life. Like learning anything new, there will be plenty of peaks and valleys your child experiences. And that’s okay. It’s more about the journey and the process along the way that will shape our children to one day become great people.

They will discover what interests them and be encouraged to cultivate their true passions.


Supporting Your Child's Enjoyment of Skating

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What is Learn to Skate USA

Our comprehensive, ongoing method teaches everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced skating skills with every class emphasizing mastering the individual elements. 


Learn to Skate USA skaters can attend classes anywhere coast to coast, learning the same elements with similar requirements. It’s the successful system where many of our World and Olympic Team members had their first starts.

Connect with Us

We’re always open to helping kids and adults discover the wonders of skating.
Feel free to call or email us with any questions. We’ll have the answers.

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