Synchronized Skating

This program is a fantastic way to introduce the team sport of synchronized skating to anyone participating in group lessons. Block, circle, line, wheel and intersection are the five elements, and each are performed with prescribed handholds. As skaters advance through the various levels, they will learn how to transition properly between elements using multiple holds.

Here's where you'll start!

Synchro 1

Skaters should have passed Basic 3 to start this level. This level will serve as an introduction to the five basic elements. Skaters should feel confident skating by themselves in order to successfully skate these elements.

A. Block: Forward stroking and snowplow stop (in shoulder hold)

B. Circle: Two-foot glide, both directions (in hand hold)

C. Line: Forward stroking and snowplow stop (in shoulder hold)

D. Wheel: Forward 3 or 4 spoke with half swizzle pumps, either direction (in shoulder hold)

E. Intersection: Forward intersection, two lines with two-foot glide at intersection (in shoulder hold)